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condoms. why is using them so important?

For many people, condoms may seem like a nuisance. but they remain one of the safest methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies, prevent hiv/aids and other stds, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, hpv, genital herpes, and many others.

nowadays, there are no more excuses for not using condoms. condoms are offered free of charge at health clinics. besides, currently there are all sorts of condoms that even help increase pleasure when having sex. after all, how can something that already comes lubricated put you off?



about the project

come protected is a movement for those who believe that you can be happy having sex, without compromising on protection.

a project that encourages people to have relations and enjoy sex, but always preserving one’s health. without putting your life at risk, nor that of your partners. come protected celebrates the diversity of genders and encourages people to spread this message, sharing information and reinforcing the importance of using condoms when having sex.


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